Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) play a crucial role in providing financial services to underserved communities. CDFIs can be banks, credit unions, loan funds, microloan funds, or venture capital providers that are helping families finance their first homes, supporting community residents starting businesses, and investing in local health centers, schools, or community centers. Not only do they offer affordable lending, investment, and banking services, but they also foster economic development where traditional institutions may be reluctant. CDFIs help create jobs, support small businesses, and address the specific needs of low-income individuals, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being and resilience of communities.


In July of 2023, the CDFI Fund released the Consumer Loan Report (CLR) data to the public that detailed the methods by which CDFI banks and credit unions with CDFI and Native American Community Assistance (NACA) Program Awards provided consumer loans in low-income communities. The data file included over 700,000 consumer loans totaling more than $12B that were made in Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 and reported in FY 2022 by 136 banks and credit unions.”1 The social and economic impacts of CDFIs should not go unnoticed. Let’s not also forget the role that financial wellness and financial literacy play in creating trust, security and awareness with consumers. 


Credit monitoring is crucial for underserved communities because it can help individuals build and maintain good credit. One of the main factors that impacts access to affordable financial products is a person’s creditworthiness. Monitoring one’s credit allows for early detection of errors, identity theft, or fraud, enabling prompt resolution. By maintaining good credit, individuals in underserved communities can enhance their financial stability, qualify for better loan terms, and access more opportunities for economic advancement.


CDFIs have to look no further for a way to equip their consumers with the tools necessary to stay informed and educated on their credit scores and the factors that impact it. Array’s My Credit Manager allows a financial institution to engage with consumers on an elevated level when they provide them with their credit scores and digestible credit reports alongside simulation tools, debt analysis and educational content to help them improve their financial wellness. These tools will provide justification in a CDFI’s effort to promote financial health across all distressed and underserved markets in your assessment areas. 


CDFIs stand as vital pillars fostering economic inclusivity, resilience, and prosperity.  Array can be the partner to reinforce financial well-being, while helping financial institutions make meaningful strides towards an equitable future for all consumers. 


1 CDFI Fund Releases Public Data on CDFI Program Recipients Through 2021, July, 2023.


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HD Jacobs
Post by HD Jacobs
January 9, 2024
Hugh "HD" Jacobs, IV, is a Senior Sales Representative at Array, Inc.

Prior to joining Array in October 2023, he spent 16 years at SNL Financial and S&P Global Market Intelligence where he engaged in over 10,000 conversations with community banks, credit unions, state banking associations, consulting firms and corporations across the country.

He is a graduate of the North Carolina School of Banking, a graduate from the College of William and Mary located in Williamsburg, VA and has a degree in Finance, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. HD spent a semester abroad in Torino, Italy, where he received an International Emphasis in Finance.